'Wünsche mir eine offene Fehlerkultur' - Kommunikation und Transparenz in Streitfragen schaffen
Im GrenzEcho vom 3. Mai 2023 ist ein Interview von Herrn Kurt Pothen mit der Ombudsperson erschienen. Anbei finden Sie den Artikel zum Nachlesen. weitere Infos / News: https://www.dg-ombudsdienst.be/com/20230504-GrenzEcho.pdf

Seit April 2017 ist Marlene Hardt die Ombudsfrau der Deutschsprachigen Gemeinschaft. | Foto: belga

The Ombudsperson of the German-speaking Community of Belgium

A mediator between the citizens and the administration

The ombudsperson can mediate between a citizen and an administrative authority or an association.
The person can present his point of view on an issue.
The analysis and bundling of the various contributions is intended to improve the administration in the long term.

the Ombudsperson mediates by complaints against decisions or proceedings

of an administrative authorities or of an municipality or social welfare centre in the German-speaking Community:
of the following educational institutions in the German-speaking Community
one of the following institutions inside the German-speaking Community:

The Ombudsperson is not responsible for these complaints

  • complaints concerning federal, regional or foreign authorities
  • About hospitals
  • or public utility companies (railway, the postal service, etc.).
  • in case of private litigation.
The Ombudswoman will direct the Issue to the relevant Ombudsman Service.

Who can submit a complaint?

  • a citizen
  • a company
  • an association
Irrespective of his nationality, place of residence or place of business, any natural or legal person or de facto association may lodge a complaint with the ombudswoman.

You still don't know who can actually investigate your complaint?

Just search under http://www.ombudsman.be/de.
You can contact the Consumer Protection Center in Eupen for tenancy disputes or problems with your hirer or renter or your energy or telephone provider. https://www.vsz.be

the ombudsperson

The ombudsperson listens to your issue in a confidential manner. She is subject to professional secrecy. Her service is free of charge.
She is your partner for a mutual- and out-of-court solution to your issue with an administration.
She sees herself as an independent and neutral bridge builder, committed to the resumption of dialogue between the administrative authority and you.


The ombudsperson has a free phone number:

phone: 0800 98759
You can reach the office of the ombudsperson by telephone montags von 13:30 to 16:30 Uhr, dienstags von 9 to 12 Uhr, freitags von 09 to 12 Uhr. If she does not answer immediately, she may have a conversation or attend a meeting. She will get back to you as soon as possible.
At other times, please leave a message in the voice mail, and the Ombudswoman will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
oder nutzen Sie das Online-Formular: https://www.dg-ombudsdienst.be/en/complaint_form.htm
Platz des Parlaments 1
4700 Eupen
phone: 0800 98759
Web: www.dg-ombudsdienst.be