Aim of the complaint management

To give every citizen residing in the German-speaking Community the opportunity to file a complaint free of charge. To grant each complainant the right to authorize a person with legal capacity to represent him/her.
Filing a complaint: (Art.7)
Every complaint must be submitted or written down in writing. The complaint form is available to the complainant for this purpose. Should the complainant appear in person, the complaint handler can assist him or her in filling out the form, if necessary.
Acknowledgement of receipt of a complaint: (Art.8)
This confirmation with the date of receipt should be sent by e-mail or in paper form immediately after the complaint has been submitted.
Verification of admissibility:
An appeal is admissible if: (Art.5)
- it has been submitted in writing or presented in person and then recorded in writing
- it concerns specific official acts and procedures
- it contains a description of the matter
- it is submitted in German or French

A complaint is inadmissible if: (Art.6)
- it was submitted anonymously
- it is unfounded
- the appeal was filed with a delay of one year
- in the case of an appeal against a decision, the procedure prescribed by law has not been followed (the decision usually contains a reference to the procedures)
- in the case of personnel issues (e.g. in the case of harassment or disciplinary proceedings, reference is made to special procedures), unless the complainant can credibly demonstrate that they cannot be helped elsewhere
- an administrative or judicial appeal is available
Schematic flow of a complaint
Citizen files a complaint with an institution Art. 7
(digital or in paper form)
Acknowledgement of receipt with date of receipt Art.8
Immediately after receipt of the complaint
Review of admissibility Art.9
14 days after receipt
Letter in case of admissibility Art. 9 + 10

• Complaint is admissible

• Name of the person handling the complaint

• Processing time 45 to max. 90 days

• Processing route

• How will the complainant be informed about the result?
Letter in case of inadmissibility Art. 9

Complaint is inadmissible

Name of the person handling the complaint

Reason for inadmissibility

Reference to possibility of complaint to the ombudsman service

forwarding to competent authority, if no objection is raised

Complainant informed about the result
Review of admissibility Art. 9
14 days after receipt
Information letter about result Art. 12

• Reasoned decision

• Measures resulting therefrom

• Advice to close the file if the complainant is satisfied.

• Reference to ombudsman service, or other instances, if complainant would be dissatisfied
Complaints register of the institution per calendar year Art. 13

Number of complaints received

Subject of the complaints


Processing route


Measures taken

Transmitted to the ombudsman service before March 31 of the following year