Permanent Consultation of Ombudsmen and Mediators (CPMO)

The Network of Ombudsmen and Ombudsmen of Belgium currently includes 26 member institutions from all sectors: Federal State, Regions, Communities, Cities and Municipalities, Public Enterprises and Private Sector. All of them will help you find a solution to your problems. If you do not address your complaint to the right ombudsman, he will forward it directly to his competent colleague. So thanks to the network, your complaint always arrives at the right place. The members of the network combine four main features: - an ombudsman is independent of the administration or organization against which he or she receives complaints; - an ombudsman has investigative powers, - an ombudsman issues opinions and recommendations, - an ombudsman publishes a public report on its activities at least once a year. The main objectives of the network are: - To make the ombudsmen known, - improve access to their services for the public, - strengthen cooperation and ensure the exchange of knowledge and experience. The network is officially called the Permanent Consultation of Ombudsmen and Ombudsmen (CPMO). Composition of the Board of Directors: Marc Bertrand (Mediator of Wallonia and the Federation Wallonia-Brussels) as President, Paul De Maeyer (Ombudsman for the postal sector) as Treasurer, Mary-Maud Anciaux (Ombudsman of the municipality of Courcelles), Karla Blomme (Omudsvrouw Stad Antwerpen), Marlene Hardt (Ombudsman of the German-speaking Community of Belgium), Tony Van der Steen (Ombudsman Pensioenenen), Cynthia Vanderlinden (Ombudsvrouw Ombudsrail).
Föderaler Ombudsmann rue de Louvain 48/6
1000 Brussels
phone number: 02 2892727  
Ombudsmann der Wallonnischen Region und der Föderation Wallonie-Brüssel Rue Lucien Namèche 54
5000 Namur
phone number: 081 321911  
The Flemish Ombudsdienst Leuvenseweg 86
1000 Brussels
phone number: 02 5524129  
Office of the Pensions Ombudsman WTC III Boulevard Simon Bolivar 30 bte 5
1000 Brussels
phone number: 02 2741990  
Ombudsdienst für Telekommunikationen Koning Albert II-laan 8 bus 3
1000 Brussels
phone number: 02 2230909  
Ombudsdienst für den Postsektor Koning Albert II-laan 8
1000 Brussels
phone number: 02 2210240  
Ombudsdienst für Energie Boulevard du Roi Albert II 8 boite 6
1000 Brussels
phone number: 02 2111060  
Ombudsmann für Versicherungen square de Meeûs 35
1000 Brussels
phone number: 02 5475871  
Ombudsmann für Finanzdienstleistungen Boulevard du Roi Albert II 8, bte 2
1000 Brussels  
Ombudsdienst für Verbraucher Boulevard du Roi Albert II 8 bte 1
1000 Brussels
phone number: 02 7025220  
Ombudsman Ixelles chausse d'Ixelles 168A
1050 Brussels
phone number: 02 5157272  
Ombudsmann für Bahnreisende Boulevard du Roi Albert II 8 boîte 5
1000 Brussels
phone number: 02 2210411  
Ombudsdienst Stad Antwerpen De Coninckplein 25
2060 Antwerpen
phone number: 0800 94843  
Ombudsdienst Stad Brugge Hoogstraat 9
8000 Brugge
phone number: 050 448090  
Médiatrice du CPAS d'Ixelles Chaussée de Boondael 92
1050 Ixelles
phone number: 02 5635710
Médiatrice du CPAS de Schaerbeek Boulevard Reyers 70
1030 Schaerbeek
phone number: 02 4355070
Landesbund der Christlichen Krankenkassen Mediator Chaussée de Haecht  579 BP40
1031 Brussels  
Ombudsman pour le notariat Rue des Bouchers 67
1000 Brussels
phone number: 02 8011500  
Ombudsfrau Gent Botermarkt 17
9000 Gent
phone number: 092 665500  
Service régional de médiation pour l'énergie CWAPE route de Louvain-la-Neuve  4 bte 12
5001 Namur
phone number: 081 330810  
Délégué aux droits de l'enfant
Vlaamse Kinderrechtenkommissariat Leuvenseweg 86
1000 Brussel
phone number: 02 5524115  
Ombudsdienst Oostende Torhoutsesteenweg 19
8400 Oostende
phone number: 059 258686
Ombudsdienst St. Niklaas
Ombuds Bruxelles Place de la Vieille Halle aux Blés  1
1000 Brussels
phone number: 02 5496700
Médiateur communal de Charleroi Centre Hélios, 101/2e étage Rue de Montigny
6000 Charleroi

Médiatrice de Schaerbeek Place Colignon
1030 Schaarbeek

Médiatrice communale de Courcelles Place Jean Lagneau  1
6182 Souvret

Ombudsdienst Stad Leuven Professor Van Overstraetenplein  1
3000 Leuven

Médiateur de la STIB rue du Gentilhomme  3
1000 Brussels

Covens, Didier

Ombudsmen of Switzerland, Ombudsmen of Vorarlberg, Tyrol and South Tyrol

The Ombudsperson of the German-speaking Community of Belgium is in regular exchange with other German-speaking Ombudspersons.
Landesvolksanwältin Tirol Meraner Straße 5
6020 Innsbruck
phone number: +43 512 5083052  
Landesvolksanwalt Vorarlberg Landwehrstraße 1
6900 Bregenz
phone number: +43 5574 470270  
Ombudsfrau Kanton Waadt Rue Saint-Martin 6
1002 Lausanne
phone number: +41 21 5570899  
Ombudsfrau und Datenschutzbeauftragte Stadt Bern Effingerstrasse 4
3011 Bern
phone number: +41 31 3120909  
Ombudsstelle Basel-Stadt Freie Strasse 52
4001 Basel
phone number: +41 61 2616050  
Ombudsstelle des Kantons Baselland Rheinstrasse 28
4410 Liestal
phone number: +49 615526290  
Ombudsstelle Stadt Luzern Hirschengraben 31
6003 Luzern
phone number: +41 41 2410444  
Ombudsstelle Kanton Zug Alpenstrasse 14
6300 Zug
phone number: +41 41 7117145  
Ombudsstelle der Stadt Zürich Oberdorfstrasse 8
8001 Zürich
phone number: +41 44 4120030  
Ombudsstelle Stadt Rapperswil-Jona Gertrudstrasse 35
8003 Zürich
phone number: +41 55 2257199  
Ombudsmann des Kantons Zürich Forchstrasse 59
8032 Zürich
phone number: +41 44 2694070  
Ombudsstelle der Stadt Winterthur Marktgasse 53
8400 Winterthur
phone number: +41 52 2121777  
Ombudsstelle Stadt St.Gallen Schmiedgasse 33
9000 St.Gallen
phone number: +41 71 2245274  
Südtiroler Landtag Volksanwaltschaft Cavourstraße 23/c
39100 Bozen
phone number: +39 471 946020

European Network (NEIWA)

Government organizations from different European countries have established a network to collaborate and share knowledge in the field of whistleblowing and integrity. The founding meeting took place in The Hague on May 24, 2019, at the initiative of the Dutch Whistleblowing Authority. The new network is called Network of European Integrity and Whistleblowing Authorities (NEIWA). The participating organizations are:

European Network of Ombudsman ENO

The European Network of Ombudsmen consists of over 95 offices in 36 European countries. The Network includes the national and regional ombudsmen and similar bodies of the Member States of the European Union, the candidate countries for EU accession and other countries of the European Economic Area, as well as the European Ombudsman and the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament. The national ombudsmen and similar bodies in the network have each appointed a liaison officer to act as a point of contact for other members of the network. The Network was established in 1996 and has steadily developed into a powerful cooperative tool for ombudsmen and their staff, serving as an effective mechanism for cooperation in case handling. It is of particular importance to the European Ombudsman in enabling him to deal quickly and effectively with complaints that do not fall within the scope of the hermandate. Exchange of experience and best practice takes place through seminars and meetings, a regular newsletter, an electronic discussion forum and a daily electronic news service. Visits by the European Ombudsman, organized by the ombudsmen in the Member States and the candidate countries, have also proved very effective in developing the network.

International Ombudsman Institute (IOI)

The IOI is the only organization for cooperation between independent ombudsman institutions in more than 90 countries worldwide. The IOI promotes the creation and development of ombudsman institutions and standards. It funds studies, provides training, promotes the exchange of information and the sharing of knowledge through a permanent dialogue with the main international organizations and interested parties.

Human Rights Platform

Participation in the Plateforme des Droits de l'homme serves to improve acquaintance and exchange between actors specialized in the field of human rights, e.g. the interfederal body Unia or the High Council of Justice. Participation in the platform makes it easier for the ombudswoman to find the right contact person for complaints for which she herself is not responsible, e.g. a complaint about the refusal to allow the public prosecutor to inspect files.