How is your complaint handled?

Step 1: Can your complaint be accepted?

What happens if you submit a complaint to the ombudswoman on the administration? There is a fixed procedure.
Do you have a complaint about a government agency? Then you must always tell the authority where the complaint is made. Only then can the ombudswoman work for you. Do not wait too long to file a complaint. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to investigate your Issue. For each complaint that comes in, we will check to see if we can deal with it. The decree on the creation of the office of ombudsman for the German-speaking Community determines what we should and should not. If we can not handle your complaint, we will declare this in a letter or in a telephone conversation. We will then refer you to another body that can help you.

Step 2: First steps

If the ombudswoman accepts your complaint, you will receive a message within three weeks. There are several ways to investigate your complaint. Sometimes it has to be clarified in the course of a conversation, which is the best way to solve your problem. The following options are available:

Contact with the administration

The ombudswoman discusses with the administrative authority whether a quick solution is possible. For example, you will receive an answer by phone, e-mail or letter from the administration.